What is “volunteer in duluth?”

  • Volunteerinduluth is a new blog that is dedicated to providing volunteer opportunities for people in the Duluth area.

How can we help you?

  • We promise to provide current, up-to-date volunteer opportunities in all areas of interest ranging from working with kids to working with the homeless. If you have the urge to get out in your community and help others, then we are the perfect place to provide you the times, the places, and the ways to get started!
  • We know that finding volunteer opportunities isn’t always easy. A lot of people ask, “where do I start?” Volunteerinduluth can be your starting place. We want to help lift and launch you into the world of volunteerism by keeping it local and fun.

Who uses our site?

  • Our blog provides volunteer opportunities for all adults 18+. Whether you’re single, married, dating or have a family, volunteerinduluth promises to post opportunities for all types of people in the northland.

But… how will I ever find the time to get involved?

  • Hey. We know you’re busy. You have school, you have work, you’re busy running your kids around and it’s hard to find enough time to sleep sometimes. We get it. That’s why volunteerinduluth will provide you with short-term as well as long-term volunteer opportunities. Short-term opportunities involve volunteering at events or with groups as we post information. Long-term opportunities would include embedding yourself within an organization or group that you or your family believes in. This way you’re able to continually provide your service and volunteer hours in a way that becomes normal to your schedule.

Volunteerinduluth wants to help you socialize and share your talents with the Duluth community. Volunteerinduluth wants to help you help others. Lend a helping hand and do what’s best for the beautiful people in your one of a kind city: Duluth.


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