CHUM: providing Duluth with social safety net programs

Duluth is currently a city that struggles with a lot of poverty, homelessness and low-income families. If you are feeling fortunate and want to extend a helping hand to people who might fall into any of these three categories, then CHUM could be the perfect organization for you to get involved with. According to the organization’s website,

“CHUM provides core social safety net programs which include emergency food, shelter, advocacy, and outreach to over 7,000 hungry, homeless and low-income people each year. Housing advocates and street case managers provide stabilization services through case management programs for homeless or imminently homeless families and single adults. CHUM’s congregational outreach and community organizing efforts center on social justice issues relating to homelessness, poverty and employment.”

If you want to gain experience with different demographics along with new life experiences, then CHUM has several volunteer opportunities to offer.

The first step to getting involved is filling out this application and sending it to the CHUM center’s volunteer coordinator, Elizabeth Olson. She can be reached through email at or by or by calling 218-740-2496. Once the application has been completed, she will contact you with opportunities that best fit your areas of interest.


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